Buhay Apartment, Buhay Gig

So my title translates roughly to: “Apartment life, gig life” but it’s more of an exaggeration than anything else, haha!

I did move out of my family’s home though.

It’s been both a challenge and a joy living in Makati on the weekdays, as l am now hyper-sensitive about what I spend on and revel in the fact that I no longer need to bug my parents about transportation details. I’m not completely mobile but at least now I know how to get to The Collective, Cash & Carry, Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Powerplant on my own without being paralyzed by fear of The Commute.

But here’s something I’ve never really been able to do before moving out: go to music gigs by myself.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself free on the day a friend tweeted that her band was going to play in Saguijo. Don’t worry, Ma, it’s near where I live. :)

Tricky is a childhood friend of mine, and we go way back when we both still sang in the local church choir. She was born with Angelina-Jolie lips (wow sikat!), an easy laugh, and charming spunk. The fact that she’s now fronting a pop alternative band isn’t at all surprising: Tricky‘s exactly the sort of person who could make “being in a band” happen in reality.

Let me introduce you, then, to Maya’s Anklet. I don’t have any interesting trivia for you except that I might be biased in my recommendation. See for yourself. All I know was that, a day after listening to them live, I was suddenly on YouTube and looping “Nasaan*” two days after.

So there’s J-pop, and there’s K-pop, sure, but you need to give OPM a try! I’m really glad Maya’s Anklet is only adding to the roster of fantastic Filipino bands, and I SO WISH they had more music videos that I can share with you. I’m a very late bloomer when it comes to OPM, actually, but I’ve never denied the raw talent present in the Filipino music scene. In my naiveté, I really think we just need to do a better job of packaging our bands. :))

If you’re curious, listen to Sugarfree, Parokya ni Edgar, and Up Dharma Down for more OPM-deliciousness. You’re welcome.

Tricky – or Ate Maya, as some people call her – was also nice enough to cover my ticket for this gig, which totally surprised me in the best way possible and won her a supporter for life. (Thank you, and I’m still waiting for my Maya’s Anklet CD, woman!)

This was their set list that evening:

Kung Alam Ko Lang

Here are the photos:

Can those red shoes be any cuter? :)

Gotta love that graffiti wall.

Maya’s Anklet, ladies and gentlemen! :) Take a bow, everybody!

I’d also like to take the time to give a slight nod of appreciation to Arvin, Tricky‘s boyfriend, who tuned guitars, took photos, and generally won best supportive boyfriend of the night. Hooray for men who support and cheer on women. He looked like her biggest fan. :3 YIKEE. I am as much a supporter of the #thedailylandi as I am of Maya’s Anklet! :) SEE, HERE IS PROOF. Dr. Jose Rizal approves.

Catch Maya’s Anklet LIVE!
Route 196 on Oct 22
Muni Market on Oct 25

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*Nasaan is “where”, loosely.

Abiding in joy ♥,

PS. What’ve YOU been listening to lately? Any recommendations of local artists from your city? Or want to share with me your favorite OPM band? Leave me a comment below! :)

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