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hello, music mixers – {hello, happy heart ♥}

hello, music mixers

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So I’ve been a little absent here (again), but here’s a song to make up for it. Music lovers, I have not forgotten you. ♥ (Maybe you can send some happy music my way, too?) So back in July 2015, I came across Flight Facilities in Youtube, and listened to 3 songs in succession, ALL…

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Introducing Josiah James

A couple of years ago, I had the honor of meeting Abandon, a band that hails from San Antonio, Texas for Saved Festival 2012. They were a rowdy bunch, all fun and laughter, all wide-eyed and excited because it was their first show in Manila, Philippines. That time, I believe Saved Festival 2012 was also…

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What We Crave

When {hello, happy ♥} was forming in my mind, I wanted to be very particular about the content that was published here. It needed to be light, aesthetically-pleasing, and happy (hence the name), with undercurrents of my battle-cry: Happy is easy. Fight for joy. We all want what comes easy, because there’s little resistance and…

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Laura Mvula’s That’s Alright

In God’s infinite wisdom, He did not make me Laura Mvula. (A teeny-tiny part of me wishes He did though – I mean, for all things gut-wrenchingly beautiful and strong and elegant, just look at this gorgeous woman!) Don’t you love women like that? Women who possess an earthy, solid beauty – not a superficial,…

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