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hello, world changers – {hello, happy heart ♥}

hello, world changers

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Puppy Hideaway

“Achi*, let’s go look at the puppies!” I look up from whatever’s holding my attention. “Sure. Do you know where they are?” “Yes! We saw them before already!” Backstory: There’s a stray dog that hangs around our family’s house. We feed her and pet her sometimes, and I think she misinterprets that as our family…

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I have not been present here largely because my heart has not been happy. A typhoon named Yolanda obliterated the central islands of the Philippines last November 8, 2013. It seems unfair that I am snug and comfortable, while my countrymen have needed to wait (too long) for relief efforts, their houses destroyed, their material…

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Making a Difference

You may find it difficult to believe, but out of 1,200 international participants in this forum targeting ‘change-makers’, only two (2) people from the Philippines participated. One of them is an employee from the Ayala Foundation ( , and the other is writing this blog entry. Not much to show for, but I believe it’ll…

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