Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: African Sunrise Tea Latte

When I started working, I was faced with an important life-decision: Will I be a coffee person or a tea person?

This means, of course, that while I was studying in university, I survived without any sort of caffeine. I don’t need it; my body sustains itself through pure adrenaline thanks to all the deadlines and self-induced pressure.

I still don’t need caffeine, but I’ve long since then associated myself to tea – calming, bitter(sweet), and light.

While I have great respect for those dependent on the magic that is coffee, I just never developed a palette for it. It was just natural for me to like tea better.


I come with a recommendation, though, for all you people who don’t know where to start when it comes to tea. The more popular tea drink is Chai Tea Latte (which, actually, I also like!), but my friend Sandra Dans (I’ve talked about her before here), was the one who recommended this drink to me.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s African Sunrise Tea Latte

I’m no tea aficionado, so I can’t talk to you about sweetness or body or notes, but thankfully there are people who do that, so I will quote:

“Our hand-harvested honeybush has a mild, sweet taste and aroma, somewhat like honey, and is infused with aromatic vanilla flavoring to create a unique infusion. This herbal infusion yields a vibrant reddish orange liquor not unlike the famous red glowing sunrise known throughout Africa.” – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Sandra actually described it to me the way I describe it everyone else who asks: “It’s like drinking tea while watching the sunrise…in Africa!”

I will say though, that its sweetness is not overpowering. I would also recommend getting the tea latte. I’ve tried the African Sunrise Iced Tea Latte, but ice waters down the flavor. Besides, the warmth of a tea latte is a tad bit more comforting. It’s like a hug from a dear friend.

Also, did you know that this drink falls under the category ‘herbal infusion’ and is thus caffeine-free? =)

Drink up, ladies and gents!

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What’s your favorite drink? =)

Have a happy day!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is definitely my coffee shop of choice.
They are such a giving brand, and I hope you support them also!

Their African Sunrise Tea Latte costs (minimum price) PHP 135.00!
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