Day of Valor



Question: How do you deal when your friends get together, combine their creative forces and make something beautiful?

Answer: You hope and pray you get to bask in that light, even just for a few moments.

Last June 27, 2013 – that is exactly what happened. To my utter delight, three of my friends worked on something that made me want to burst into a thousand pieces of confetti. I was so happy and proud and humbled. Pauline Lacanilao, along with Sean Andrew Cura, Sandra Dans, and Katrina Teh worked a little of their magic in what is now known as Day Of Valor @ Big Bad Wolf.

Do yourself a favor: check out their art. It’ll make your brain feel like it’s getting a mean massage.

I always get a buzz in my head (and heart) when my friends express themselves in a constructive, creative, admirable way. I can’t begin to tell you how naturally ‘high’ I was that night, and I couldn’t stop smiling. Hearing Pauline recite her poems to a crowd made me ridiculously happy, and seeing Sean‘s art, Sandra‘s photos, and even Katrina‘s incredible interpretation of Pauline‘s ‘Muscle & Bone’ on such a deserving platform gave me butterflies. People are made of such complex talents and beautiful insights: Day of Valor made me thank God for the arts.

Day of Valor invites the reader into a richly emotional world of reflection. Here, the poems and essays perform surgery on the individual and on society, using language to expose “what ligaments hold / One to the other” despite being “separated at the seam / Of touch”. This collection ventures into the fissures between I and you, action and intention, East and West, grief and peace, seeking the ways in which hope and understanding can reconcile those severances.

Here’s an excerpt of the book that made me look up for a minute to compose myself:

“I hadn’t seen it, but now I do.
How the greatest act of bravery is to love.
And how the greatest act of love is to forgive.”


One of my highlights was seeing the folks of the artists’ smiling and trying to conceal their pride over their children. Ohmehn, be still my heart. I’m such a sucker for all-out family support. =) I also really appreciated my friend Kath for coming (and bringing a friend). =) It turned out to be one heck of a day for her, but she still found the time to drop by. ♥ I got to meet a great girl from Cebu, and spend time with old friends I have not seen for some time.

Do you have any stories of your friends doing something amazing?
I want to know, so leave me a comment with a link to your blog. =)

Have a happy day, everyone! ♥

If you missed this, you pretty much missed one of the prettiest highlights of the year 2013, and I feel a little bit sorry for you. There remains, however, hope — Pauline is kind enough to mail you a copy of her collection of poems & essays. Just leave your address at, and she’ll let you know how much shipping costs. Day of Valor costs P350. Do not let your library be without it. =)

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