Fellowship Creative’s It’s Always Been About You

This personal blog has a simple (almost too simple, perhaps!) purpose: share what makes my heart happy in the hopes of getting yours happy, too.

Today, August 22, 2013 – this song is what made me most happy. There were a lot of other things that made me happy today, granted, but this one got me doing little dance moves – which always makes people around me laugh – so I guess this song wins out.

Fellowship Creative, you’ve nailed dance-y, bright, and happy in just the right places.

Out Here, The Greatest Love Is Bold
Out Here, The Greyest Skies Are Gold
Out Here, It’s All Laid On The Line
Out Here, You’re Always On My Mind

It’s always been about

Love | Grace | Hope | Faith | Peace | Truth

It’s always been about You

Out Here, We’re Running With The Light
Out Here, We’re Breaking Up The Night
Out Here, The Lost Are Coming Home
Cause Out Here, No One Goes Alone

Also, am I the only one totally digging the fact that their band is elevated from the stage?

Today, August 22, 2013, is also the day we celebrate the birth of a girl who’s more of a fighter than most of us: Natasha Lin. This post is dedicate to you. ♥

Hope it was heaps of fun and blessings, Nat!


Fellowship Creative’s music is available on iTunes,
and it was released last February 2013. You can
get the lyrics, charts, and tracks here.



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