Introducing Josiah James

A couple of years ago, I had the honor of meeting Abandon, a band that hails from San Antonio, Texas for Saved Festival 2012. They were a rowdy bunch, all fun and laughter, all wide-eyed and excited because it was their first show in Manila, Philippines. That time, I believe Saved Festival 2012 was also the first Christ-centered event in the Mall of Asia Arena.

That’s when I met Josiah James.

I was assigned as the band’s hospitality point person, and so I was there for their general welfare, to ensure that they were attended to during the whole duration of their stay in the Philippines. I briefed them with their itinerary and laughed at all their antics. (I always get assigned to the nicest bands, for some reason!) Dave Vela, Abandon’s then-drummer actually gifted me one of his drumsticks with all the boys’ autographs and well-wishes when they were about to leave the country.

…RIGHT? So sweet. Check Abandon’s music out here.

During their stay, I found out that Josiah James – their guitarist for that tour – was actually an artist in his own right. “The kid’s got his own album!” they told me. I think Josiah is actually younger than me, but boy, he’s got a lot of hard work to back up his talent. :) He was actually feeling a bit under the weather before they went onstage, but being the trooper that he is, finished their set without complaints!

After, he requested to be brought back to the hotel, because his sickness was starting to do a number on him. I couldn’t leave the other band members, so Roxane of Becca Music had to escort him back. When she returned from dropping Josiah off the hotel, she handed me his solo album and said Josiah wanted me to have it.

Perks of being in the hospitality team? :)

“All Forgotten Things” is Josiah‘s second full-length album and having listened to it again today, I’m reminded that pop music doesn’t have to be teeny-boppy and shallow. Josiah shares great thought-provoking stories and asks questions though his music. My favorites are the last three songs in this album: “Love Shy Spark”, “All Forgotten Things”, and “The Sun Will Always Come”.

What’s really encouraging to me, though, is that Josiah displays great dedication to what he does. Since two years ago, he’s been hard at work writing and self-producing his own music, and it’s inspiring to see that he has not showed any signs of slowing down.

By the way, I’m impressed by the sound quality of his songs. For an independently produced album, its got excellence written all over it.

He may not be superstar famous, but it’s clear to me that this guy doesn’t do it for the fame. In marketing his music, he always mentions how he prays that his music will reach more people and point them back to the reason why he does it in the first place. :)

In fact, he released a new EP called Identity, and it’s slowly but surely climbing up the charts. Makes me feel plenty happy that I’m the owner of one of his physical CD’s. Want to borrow?

Seasons change, and our interests change too, but I hope that you’re being faithful in whatever’s been given to you. May whatever it is you’re building towards (your career, your family, your studies, your music, your art) – no giving up! Forward! Forward!

Abiding in joy,


“All Forgotten Things” is Josiah James’ second full-length album released in 2012.
His new EP “Identity” was released last May 2014.
You can get it here or here.

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