Justine’s 18th

Let me tell you a story:

Once, there lived a young woman with a knack for messing things up as she was largely uneasy with herself and with people around her. It wasn’t because she was anti-social or anything — interaction with people was just something she wasn’t well-versed in.

Until one day, she met with kindness.

Kindness ended up being a gangly 14-year-old, with shoulder-length hair and a grin so wide it covered half her face. Their first meeting was in a Dippin’ Dots kiosk and their conversation was dotted (pun intented) with awkward-shy laughter and a springing hope for their budding friendship.

Four years later, kindness gave birth to many other things: mischief, hilarity, depth, wisdom, giddiness, grace. Bruising and hurting happened within those four years as well, but kindness always had a way of being transparent with her pain. Admirably, kindness always clung stubbornly to love.

Thank you for being a force of kindness in my life, Justine. :) It’s a force to be reckoned with. Your graciousness towards my shortcomings has been a wonderful picture of forgiveness. Your continued trust and intiative to meet with me illustrate perseverance. Your honesty is as refreshing as it is worrying (you know I get a little protective of you, so you understand).
Let’s always be authentic.

You have been a bright ray of sweetness and encouragement (mixed with a little fun) in my life, and for that, I thank you. You have taught me more than you know: it has been a humbling and rewarding experience. And I cannot wait for more years to roll in. You are, in essence, a friend of mine. :) Thanks for putting up with silly old Ate Najee.

On your eighteenth, may you remember the source of your sweetness, your kindness, your light.
Abide intimately, faithfully, relentlessly.

That is my birthday wish for you.



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