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Laura Mvula’s That’s Alright – {hello, happy heart ♥}

Laura Mvula’s That’s Alright

In God’s infinite wisdom, He did not make me Laura Mvula.
(A teeny-tiny part of me wishes He did though – I mean, for all things gut-wrenchingly beautiful and strong and elegant, just look at this gorgeous woman!)

Don’t you love women like that?
Women who possess an earthy, solid beauty – not a superficial, manufactured one.
Reminds me of my grandmother!

Ladies, you are pressured to look good.
But ladies, don’t buckle under that pressure.
Your inner beauty is more valuable than anything you put on your face or body.

(Doesn’t Laura’s inner beauty shine?)


Tell me who made you the center of the universe?
[Who made you judge and jury over me?]
Who made you the center of the universe?
[Now leave me be]
Who made you the center of the universe?
[Don’t need no rules in my world]
Who made you the center of the universe?

Elle Magazine calls her their new music crush. She’s mine, too!
Don’t be making a boy the center of your universe, ladies.
There are more important things. ;)

This British singer-songwriter’s debut album “Sing To The Moon” is already available from iTunes, Amazon and from Laura’s Store.

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