Making a Difference

You may find it difficult to believe, but out of 1,200 international participants in this forum targeting ‘change-makers’, only two (2) people from the Philippines participated. One of them is an employee from the Ayala Foundation ( , and the other is writing this blog entry.

Not much to show for, but I believe it’ll be an entirely different story next year.
The Philippines is currently Asia’s rising tiger. (

I don’t know if it’s anything to celebrate, really, because as far as I know, I still see people suffering in my city streets daily, even in busy business districts like Ortigas and Makati, where it’s supposedly poverty-free. And while it’s true that the poor will always be with us, I don’t think that it’s any indication to stop trying to put an end to it. Year in and year out, I am becoming more aware of the developments that still need to be done, and I have MaD 2013 (Make a Difference Forum) to thank for cementing my desire to be of help to my fellow Filipinos.

There’s so much work to be done here, and I am ill-equipped, but if there’s a willingness to help, then I know that it’s only a matter of time before the tides turn — perhaps, it already has!

No matter your current standard of living, you can affect positive change in your community.

Make sure you apply for the Subsidy Scheme for MaD 2014! =D
The MaD Forum has something called a Subsidy Scheme, and once it’s up, YOU BETTER APPLY.
Like me, you might just find yourself with a free 3-day pass and a free flight to Hong Kong to learn how you can better change your community for the better. What a gift. Who can say no to it?

I wouldn’t have been able to participate in MaD 2013 without this Subsidy Scheme, and having been given the opportunity, I am totes grateful. (Which is why I’m telling YOU to join next year too! PHILIPPINES REPRESENT.)

I think for the most part just meeting a lot of like-minded individuals from all over Asia gives you a certain glow of hope for the future. You’ll be amazed at how kind these people are, and how easy it is to make friends just by smiling. (Also, this whole trip made me wish I finished studying in a Chinese school! “Wo bu zhi dao” can only get me so far!)

Did you know that in the year 2012, a Filipino social enterprise WON the grand prize for the Make a Difference Award? I am so, so proud! Give your support to people like Mr. Jonah Nobleza — truly out to make a difference!


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