Michael Buble’s “It’s A Beautiful Day”

(Is it just me or are his hand gestures at 2:23 made of such fail?

No matter, adds to the awkward cuteness!)



Oh, Michael – who would ever have the strength to break up with you?

Hey hey hey

It’s a beautiful day

And I can’t stop myself from smiling

If we’re drinking

Then I’m buying

And I know there’s no denying

It’s a beautiful day

The sun is up

The music’s playing

And even if it started raining

You won’t hear this boy complaining

‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away

It’s a beautiful day!


We’ve all heard the sassy break-up songs, mostly sung by women, so I’m mighty glad we’ve got such a happy break-up song for the men! =)

Usually, I don’t like songs like this one because I’m never totally convinced by it and wonder if it’s just a bitter song prancing around as a happy one, but “It’s A Beautiful Day” actually makes me think that the boy’s happy again – given that part of the lyrics is ‘now I’m all right / you might’ve had me caged before / but not tonight’ – so I guess he’s finally 100% OVER.

And when you’re 100% OVER, that means that you’ve got it in you to be friends again, no hard feelings!

Most people think that exes can’t be your friends anymore, and I’m totally not one of those people.

Life’s too short to be carrying around such anger.

As hard as it is, do forgive and watch yourself have buttloads of genuine fun!


Have a happy day!

Michael Bublé’s brand new album “To Be Loved” is available April 15th (Intl), April 22nd (Canada), April 23rd (US). Pre Order Here.



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