Puppy Hideaway

Achi*, let’s go look at the puppies!”

I look up from whatever’s holding my attention. “Sure. Do you know where they are?”

“Yes! We saw them before already!”

Backstory: There’s a stray dog that hangs around our family’s house. We feed her and pet her sometimes, and I think she misinterprets that as our family being her family. We don’t even have a name for her. I call her Momma Doggie, just because I’m really creative that way. The first time she gave birth, her puppies were situated far from our house. She used to come out when she needed food from us. But now that she gave birth again, guess where her location is? RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE.

My younger sister pulls me up from the couch, and I bring my camera along with me.

Our family is generally one that likes animals. My dad, in fact, runs his own Pet Supplies & Grooming Salon. My sister at her young age is the biggest animal enthusiast of us all, and is quite the dog whisperer. If you have any pets at home, I am certain they will like her.

Here are some of the photos of Momma Doggie and her litter of puppies. We were thrilled to find that she’s got 5 cuties, and that she feels safe enough for us to come near this little sort of hut she created for them.

It’s not everyday you get to feel like Dora the Explorer.
Have you discovered anything interesting lately?

Have a happy day! ♥


* Achi means big sister in the local Chinese dialect here in the Philippines. :)

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