Safariing Salcedo

I visited the Salcedo Market on the last day of January 2015. After hearing about these buzz-worthy weekend markets, I was really happy to know that I could finally go visit one. The Salcedo Market is only open on Saturdays, though, so make sure to free up your day.

I’ve been trying to get to know the city of Makati a bit better, and be less judgmental about how it’s so pristine in some areas and so depressed in others (within a 10-minute jeepney ride)! I work in the not-so-nice parts of Makati, and I’ve always found that side more like home than the business district’s white-washed skyscrapers, but I’m just being grumpy about the intense disparity. Even internally, I realize I need to work on my prejudices.

Anyway, I digress.

I’m on foot a lot of the time, and I’m more confident now in finding places I’ve never been to before. (With apps like Waze and Google Maps, you don’t really have an excuse.) So after walking around 20-30 minutes, after asking random people, and after noting some other places I walked through, I found the famous Salcedo Market — so happy!


By the time you enter the market proper, you will feel a fluttering in your stomach because the normally dead-on-the-weekends Makati is suddenly replaced by a beautiful picture of an enlivened community: lots of greens, families running around in playgrounds, some people sunbathing, couples chatting, others still shopping and carrying big bags of goodies found in the market. (I also really liked that fact that there was an array of summer dresses, crisp white polos, khaki shorts, and general outfit breeziness. I remember thinking, “I wish people dressed like this everyday.”)

Talk about the perfect atmosphere for a weekend market. And my goodness, there’s so much in this market! What a plethora of choices — it was a little disorienting at the beginning, but then you get right down to business!

I was supposed to meet up with a friend of mine, but I arrived there a bit early, so I was able to go around and take photos. You’ll see what I mean about “plethora” of choices after these.

I mean, don’t you feel like there’s just a lot of stimuli in a place like this? It’s so easy to lose yourself in all the shiny handicrafts, pretty colors, and organic food. I think that if you’re really the type that appreciates the energy and “subdued” commercialization offered by weekend markets, Salcedo would be a great place to start. (Personally, I really liked seeing business-owners manning their own booths and promoting their own wares.)

Crowds sort of have a weird effect on me, though, because sooner or later I need to step out to calm myself from the rush of adrenaline I feel from too many faces and too many bodies. I ended up sitting by one of the stone benches, and proceeded to just people watch and take in the environment. Easy Saturday mornings are a gift.

Suddenly, someone asked if they could sit beside me, which I readily answered in the affirmative. After some time, I saw that she bought Churros, and so I asked, “I was thinking of getting that awhile ago. Do you like it, is it good?”

To my surprise, she said, “Yes, please try one!” We exchanged a few pleasantries, and I told her that I would get some for myself later. She was an expat from Malaysia, and I think it was her first time in the market too. :)

By the time my friend arrived with her husband, we went around and she sneakily bought me some snack foods because she’s just really like that, and I got her some yummy bottled drinks (which, when you return the bottle, you get 5 pesos back YAY!)

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