So I’ve been a little absent here (again), but here’s a song to make up for it.

Music lovers, I have not forgotten you. ♥

(Maybe you can send some happy music my way, too?)

So back in July 2015, I came across Flight Facilities in Youtube, and listened to 3 songs in succession, ALL OF WHICH I LIKED!
This is almost unheard of, because I normally just like one song from one artist. :))

With Flight Facilities, this wasn’t the case. (Be sure to check out “I Didn’t Believe” and “Stand Still“, too.)
But the song below is my favorite hands down. Instant pick-me-upper, like eating cake.

You don’t need a lot to appreciate a little sunshine.
My best friend got married December of last year, and she put me in charge of collating her wedding reception music. I took this job seriously.

If I had discovered this song sooner, it would’ve definitely made the roster.
I feel like it’s the perfect mix of dancey and chill.

I’m a little behind the music scene I’m sure, but Flight Facilities (how cute is their band name?) may just be my favorite band discovery in the year 2015.
You should check out their other songs. This one is just my favorite, but they’ve got other really good ones.
Happy listening, music lovers. :)

(Still) fighting for joy,

Najee ♥

PS. I found Sunshine really fun to run to. :)
So, if you’re the type that likes to run, keep this in your MP3 player.Flight-Facilities-Down-to-Earth-Album-Review-acid-stag


Flight Facilities is a duo from Australia.
“Down To Earth” was released in 2014.
Check out a proper album review here.
You can get their album on iTunes here.

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