Trail Adventours

Last June 29, 2013, a couple of my friends and I decided to go trekking. I found out that one of my acquaintances from college co-founded Trail Adventours, and I eagerly invited some of my friends to come with.

I have been thirsty for physical activity, and my little experience in hiking has always been a pleasurable experience for me. Thankfully, my friends were more than game.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after, and we found ourselves a party of four, all bleary-eyed and too-sleepy-to-feel-excited about the trip to Mt. Maculot, Batangas. Call time was, what, 3AM? We met with other sleepyhead trekkers, and were off.

All I wanted to do was make sure I finish the trail. It was a lot longer and harder than I expected. Ants were biting my legs. I was drenched on the way down. There was a lot of tree-grabbing and huffing and puffing. When we reached the summit – finally – we took photos and gloried in our triumph!

Tips on ensuring a lovely trekking adventure!

(1) Don’t be late. If you’re late, you will panic. You will make your friends panic. Your team leader will be kind, and laugh at your friends for panicking. Do not do this to them, hahaha.

(2) Pack light. Think light. Be light. Your back, shoulders, and tired legs will thank you.

(3) Invest in hiking shoes. Because I do not like spending money, I opted to use my mother’s x-amount-of-years-old rundown rubber shoes. Pretty soon, they were both laughing at me, and I consider it a great blessing that these shoes did not cause me injury, when they could have.

(4) Easy on the water intake. When you’re out of breath, sweaty, and tired, a cold gulp sounds like a welcome thing. Yes, but sparingly, please. My water jug was small as it is, but I wanted it to last for most of the way. Depend more on correct breathing than on your water. Feeling sloshing liquid in your tummy does not make a good trekker.

(5) Talk to people. You are in a community of people who love adventure. Take the time to talk to your sweepers and leaders. Ask them about their lives, what they do outside of this activity. You are definitely going to see some beautiful sights, but don’t miss out on the beautiful people.























Considering all things, I had a buttload of fun. There’s something about the earth that feels right to me.

Really happy that Jeff, Jourd, and Reg did this with me! You should come too!
Any recommended adventures I can try?

Trail Adventours has awesome packages for those who are adventure-hungry!
You and your friends should visit their website and sign up – NOW!
(Check out their calendar of events!)

(+632) 6979711
(+63917) 5827517

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