What We Crave

When {hello, happy ♥} was forming in my mind, I wanted to be very particular about the content that was published here. It needed to be light, aesthetically-pleasing, and happy (hence the name), with undercurrents of my battle-cry:

Happy is easy. Fight for joy.

We all want what comes easy, because there’s little resistance and pain involved. But I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking, not in the long-run. Though my present actions and decisions may betray me, the indomitable truth is this:

I don’t want now, I want forever.

So here’s a pretty big undercurrent coming your way: I’d rather fight for something that will last forever than invest in things that will only temporarily cater to my present whims. Most, if not all, of the things that make me happy are things in the now to be honest.

But in my life, there exists a center: His name is Jesus Christ.

Christianity is pretty mainstream here in the Philippines, so it’s easy to pass my faith off as a dime a dozen. I don’t really mind, because faith is one of those things that don’t make 100% sense to people, but I can tell you with certainty (and lots of confetti) that it’s made sense to me somehow, and is 101% personal. Sometimes that really surprises me, how something as old as Christianity can still feel so new and thriving.

There is (everlasting) life pumping in this faith.

This is a song called Crave by For King & Country. If you ask me, it’s their best song yet. :)

Hope is what we crave
And that will never change
So I stand and wait
I need a drop of grace
To carry me today
A simple song to sing

It’s written on my soul

Hope’s what You gave

My heart, by itself, has space for a lot of happy things – which I want to share with you in {hello, happy ♥}.

But Jesus, only Jesus, made my heart have the immense capacity for joy.


It’s Holy Week.
Today is Friday — today is the day He said, “It is finished.”

If you are facing massive darkness in your life right now, remember that in 3 days, that stone will roll to reveal an empty tomb. Easter is coming.

Abiding in joy,

Najee ♥

PS. My family’s never been the type to go on an out-of-town trip on Holy Week; we like stay-cations.
Did you go anywhere or did you just stay nestled at home? Tell me in the comments below! :)

Brother duo For King & Country‘s music can be picked up
here, here, and here.

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